The Castaway anchor arrives in Goole, pictured (from left) are Dave Wilcock, David Walsh, Natalie Bristow and Hugh Mackenzie

Dave Wilcock helps transport and place donated anchor (The Courier – 26 March 2009)

Anchors aweigh for a generous donation.
Last year Castaway Music Theatre’s gardeners entered the Goole in Bloom competition with a small plot of land alongside the Dutch River Bridge belonging to ABP.
They planted an anchor logo design in blue and white flowers but by the autumn the foliage was well past its best.

Dave Wilcock helps transport and place donated anchor

Thanks to the generosity of two local firms and the aid of Goole Town Council’s Jean Kitchen, a more permanent anchor is now in place.
Local Contractor Dave Wilcock recently transported a ship’s anchor reclaimed by Richard Bourne of Dunstan Ship Repair based at the William Wright Dock from Hull to Goole and cemented it in its new position.
The anchor will be the centrepiece for a new planting for this year’s competition.
Digaway members David Walsh, Hugh Mackenzie and Natalie Bristow were there to see the anchor arrive and to thank Dave Wilcock and his men for their help.
Eric Henderson who voluntarily works with the group and his team will shortly be getting to work painting the anchor with the materials kindly donated by Peter Yates of Waverley Shipping.
Planting the spring bedding will start after the Castaway fundraiser at the Charter Club.